Be Prepared: A Book About Everything We Stand For

Authored by: Community Living Centres on October 10, 2018

Recently, we had the pleasure of reading an incredible book. There are lots of books on the topic of autism. It’s a heavily researched and explored topic. What was really exciting about this particular book, which dealt with the topic of autism, was that an exceptional young man who happens to…

How To Spot Schizophrenia...

Authored by: Community Living Centres on August 26, 2018

We have a vision of what schizophrenia looks like. Most of us get this vision from how Hollywood and the media have portrayed individuals with schizophrenia. But this isn’t Hollywood.

This is real life. In real life, people with schizophrenia are just people with a different experience…

What Families Need To Know

Authored by: Community Living Centres on July 23, 2018

Knowledge is power.

When you’re trying to help your loved ones find a living situation that works for them, knowledge might be everything. Parents and spouses and siblings and children become experts in diseases and disorders. However, sometimes they don’t know what…

How Long Does It Take To Find Help

Authored by: Community Living Centres on June 27, 2018

The goal, through all of this, is to help families and individuals make an informed decision about their future. Our job and our passion is to provide the information that they need to make that process make sense. 

Why Is Life-Tasting So Important to Community Living Centres?

Authored by: Community Living Centres on May 29, 2018

Do you remember being asked what you wanted to be when you grew up? Maybe you knew exactly what you wanted to be. Maybe at age 8 you told everyone you were going to be a fireman and now you’re a fireman. Or maybe you didn’t know what you want to be. Maybe at age 9 you told everyone you were…

While on the Waitlist

Authored by: admin on February 14, 2018

You may have recently heard that there is a human rights case taking place in Nova Scotia. There can be all sorts of challenges for people with disabilities day in and out,…