While on the Waitlist

Waiting for care for your loved one can be stressful for the whole family. CLC might be able to help. Please contact us for assistance.

You may have recently heard that there is a human rights case taking place in Nova Scotia. There can be all sorts of challenges for people with disabilities day in and out, and we at Community Living Centres believe that the least of them should be having a suitable and supported place to call a home. We believe that people with disabilities have a right to housing of their choice. 

Our government offers a number of different support options, from single weekly visits from a qualified support person, to full time 24/7 supervision and care. In some cases the funding goes directly to the individual or their family to spend on support needs, while in others it goes to an agency to hire staff and provide housing. Community Living Centres works with individuals through all of these funding streams.

The problem individuals and their families face is the wait times to get into these programs. From the time an individual is assessed as appropriate for one of these programs to the time they are accepted into the program can be several years. We know that families are struggling to meet their loved ones needs during that time as they try to do on their own what they have already been assessed to need help to do! Community Living Centres can help. 

If you or a loved one are on a waitlist you don’t have to wait to get in touch with us. We offer several private services, including hiring and managing staff to assist people with the needed supports, system navigation where we meet with individuals and their families to ensure that every avenue of funding or support has been explored, case management where we take on helping people keep up with their bills, appointments, medications refills, doctor appointment and more, and sometimes we can just connect someone with a volunteer who may be able to fill in the some of the support gaps. 


Community Living Centres hopes that soon housing for people with disabilities is recognized as a right, and that the waitlist is removed completely by expanded government programs, however for now we are here to offer a hand.