Are the small option homes at Community Living Centres licensed?

All of the small option homes operated by our agency where the residents receive their funding from the disability support program are licensed as the Homes for Special Care Act requires. This means that a licensing officer visits the homes and the residents twice a year to ensure that our services, the staff, and the physical plant itself are compliant with the Act, and provides a safe and nurturing environment for those we support.

How do I get started?

Getting started is as easy as getting in touch. Please complete this short form or give us a call.

My family member has been approved for the Department of Community Services “Flex program.” We have been told that we can purchase services with the funding. Is Community Living Centres an agency where we can purchase those services?

Yes! Community Living Centres is focused on helping you or your loved ones maintain their independence and maximize their life experience through individualized supports. We would be happy to discuss with you how our staff might help you increase your community involvement, inclusion, independence and safety in ways that are catered to your specific needs and wants.

More information about Department of Community Services “Flex program”

My family member has been referred to the Department of Community Services’ Disability Support Program and has seen a social worker. We have been told that the wait list is long. What can we do in the meantime?

Community Living Centres is one of the provinces approved providers of the disability supports program. While families wait for their loved ones names to come to the top of the wait list we can provide private services that can make the wait more manageable. Contact us for more information on how we might help support your loved one today.

More information about the Department of Community Services Disability Support Program

My family member has been told that they need to find an ILS approved provider to get into their own apartment with funded supports. Is Community Living Centres an ILS approved provider.

Community Living Centres is one of the provinces approved providers of the Independent Living Support Program and would be happy to talk with you and your family member and the referring worker about how we might help get your loved one safely living in their own apartment with appropriate supports. Contact us now.

Who are the professionals that make up the Community Living Centres team?

Our team is comprised of Social Workers, Educators, Nurses, and provincially accredited residential support workers and continuing care assistants.

Who pays for this service?

Some individuals receive government funding for our services while others pay privately. Contact us to discuss your options.