Welcome to the Community Living Centres Family!

Welcome to the family

Community Living Centres has been supporting people towards meaningful inclusion for thirty two years. Marty Wexler was a social worker at the Nova Scotia Hospital in the early 80’s and became frustrated with the lack of supportive residential options available for his clients to move in to. In 1986 he opened his first small option, and three men were able to move in and call it their home.

From the beginning Marty emphasized individualized supports and care plans, ensuring that the unique qualities and strengths of each person be recognized and uplifted. Staff were hired to meet the specific needs of the people in the home, keeping an eye not just to their skill sets, but also personalities, hobbies, and interests. Small staff teams ensured continuity of care allowing each resident to really build trusting relationships with the staff.

Fast forward to today and those foundational values and principles are still in place. We have expanded to supporting people to live in a number of small options, as well supportive apartments, and to maintain independence in their family homes. Over the years we have helped people get work, secure volunteer roles, become pet owners, try countless new things, develop skills of daily living, make friends, and even find love and get married.

Being a resident of Community Living Centres means joining our family where we not only look out for each other, but believe in each persons individual value, and that with the right supports can each attain our goals and personally meaningful inclusion in our communities.